With its history of timber cutting and the prevalence of timber equipment used during the gold rush era it is no wonder that Gympie has such an extensive museum dedicated to all things timber. The army of volunteers are available to answer questions, run tours and demonstrate many of the display items including some of the huge pieces of historic machinery.

Through its photos and interpretive signs, the centre teaches visitors how the science of timber cutting and forestry can co-exist with sustainability and recycling. It shows that the local state forests are renewable resources that can also be enjoyed by campers and day-trippers. You can also see the work of local artisans specialising in various forms of intricate woodwork for practical and aesthetic purposes.

The centre is a terrific place for you and your family to enjoy a fun and highly educational day out.

Address: Bruce Highway, Gympie

Phone: 07 5483 6535

Open: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm